Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw

Warning: this is going to be a rave. This book is fantastic! It’s different, fun, witty, and every single character is wonderful.

Greta Helsing is a doctor to a…um…special clientele. She treats banshees, ghouls, vampires, and other supernatural beings (she even helps a mummy regain the ability to lurch!). She also manages to get caught up in a rash of murders being committed by a very odd cult. Greta, and some unique friends, have to stop the murders before it’s too late.

I love that this book takes place in modern times, and not Victorian. It’s a great blend of adventure and plot development. I like all the characters, but Fass is my favorite. He’s so sweet, despite being a bit of hellish being.

I loved Strange Practice so much that I picked up the sequel, Dreadful Company, before even finishing the first, so that I could dive right into the next installment as soon as I finished it. Read this book. READ IT!

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