Dragon’s Truth by Leanne M. Pankuch- ARC Review

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Fourteen-year-old Rhyannon dreams of dragons, wizards, and magic. She feels constrained by her ordinary life and overshadowed by her beautiful sister Elspeth. When Elspeth is kidnapped, Rhyan embarks on a journey to save her sister and face the evil threatening her world. She finds friendship, love, and the magic and power she’s been craving–but she also discovers a growing darkness within herself. Will she save Elspeth? Can she control her abilities? Will she choose the path of light? Or will she slip into the dragon’s darkness? (taken from Amazon)

Many thanks to Netgalley for providing me with this ARC, in exchange for my honest opinions.

I loved this book! It was obviously influenced by works such as The Hobbit, as well as Celtic myths, yet was completely its own. This took me on an adventure and was written so skillfully that I was immediately invested in the characters.

And what a fantastic cast of characters! I especially liked Kevin. His backstory was fascinating, and he proved to be both a deep character, and an important addition to the story line itself.

I’m a big fan of books where the journey is just as important as the destination, sometimes even more so. This was one of those wonderful stories.  Rhyan had to not only complete her quest, but discover who she is. The stakes steadily raised as the story progressed, and that kept me hooked.

The fact that it was a quest meant that the author’s world had to be fully thought
out and developed, or else the book wouldn’t be believable. She succeeded magnificently in that. Not only was the geography all figured out, but the many different peoples as well.

If you enjoy a good fantasy, with skilled story telling and well written characters, this book is for you.


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    The countdown begins! Dragon’s Truth releases on Saturday, March 30 and I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the last-minute release details. Seriously–it is a little like having a baby…
    While I’m dithering about, well–EVERYTHING–check out this fantastic review of Dragon’s Truth from Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub:

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