Harry Potter Spells Tag

I saw this great tag on Becky’s Book Blog and I just had to do my own. If you don’t follow her blog, you’re missing out.

Expecto Patronum- A Childhood Book Connected to Good MemoriesImage result for trixie belden booksI remember my mom reading the old Trixie Belden books to me, a chapter a night. I loved those things! Of course, they’re completely dated, but that’s part of the charm.

.Expelliarmus- A Book that Took You By Surprise:

Image result for daisy jones and the six book

Daisy Jones & the Six completely blew me away. I read it simply because several bloggers whose taste I trust had raved about it and I am so, so glad I did! (Read my review: here).

Prior Incantato- The Last Book You Read:

Image result for shadow frost coco ma

Shadow Frost by Coco Ma. I don’t want to mention to much about it because I’m going to post a review in the next day or so, as soon as I gather my thoughts, but if you’re interested, this book will be available to buy on October first.

Alohamora- A Book that Introduced You to a Genre You Had Not Considered Before:

Image result for the clockmakers' daughter
I will read pretty much anything, except for romance and erotica, but I guess I’d have to say that The Clockmaker’s Daughter is the first that comes to mind. I don’t read a lot of historical fiction, but this book makes me willing to read outside my usual genres more often.

Riddikulus- A Book that Made You Laugh:

Image result for janet evanovich book 1
I haven’t read all of Janet Evanovich’s books (I think I stopped around nineteen or so), but the first few cracked me up. They’re zany fun

.Sonorous- A Book You Think Everyone Should Know About:

Image result for dragonlance chronicles
At the risk of sounding like a broken record (yes, I’m aware that phrase dates me), I have to go with the Dragonlance Chronicles. Again. I will never stop suggesting that everyone read these.

Obliviate- A Book or Spoiler You’d Love to Forget Having Read:

Image result for hunting party book
Honestly, I wish I’d never read The Hunting Party. I am not going to say why, because it’s a major spoiler, but I ended up being very, very disappointed. I’m taking a break from that crime/thriller genre for a bit specifically because of this book

Imperio- A Book I had to Read for School:

Related image
Narrowing it down to one book is difficult, but I remember loving the Beowulf unit we did in eleventh grade. I’ve reread that one several times and I still think it’s fantastic.

Crucio- A Book that was Painful to Read:

Image result for a child called it book

This book is a gut-punch. I could not believe what this poor child went through. I cried through most of the book, only finishing because I had to know that things got better.

Avada Kedavra- A Book that Could Kill (interpret as you will):

Image result for i am america and so can you
I was in danger of choking from laughing too hard. It’s so ridiculous!

Feel free to participate if you want! I would love to read other answers!

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