Dungeons, and Dragons, and Books- Oh, My!

Being a happily imaginative nerd, I have a grand time playing Dungeons & Dragons. While there are those of you who don’t, fantasy books- and, more recently- non fantasies can go hand-in-hand. There have been several books over the years that use D&D, or any roleplaying game, as part of the storyline .I think people who haven’t played have some misconceptions about D&D. I mean, aside from the fact that it’s apparently very evil (insert demonic laughter here), there’s the whole “staring at worksheets and doing math” thing. Here’s the thing, though: if you find a good group of friends, it’s fun. Readers already have an advantage: we are always visiting different worlds. If you’re a bit trepidatious about trying it, but still curious: you can always play a campaign put in a familiar setting. For example: Why not try adventuring in Tolkien’s world?Mouse Guard: if you haven’t read these graphic novels, you really should. Okay, this is cheating because it’s originally based on a show. But, there are books and comics based on the show, so I’m adding Firefly.Those are just a few examples, if you’re not sure about starting with the D&D brand in and of itself. If you have comic/gaming stores in your area, they often host a rpg game once or twice a month.There are no boundaries to what can be done: my favorite games have all been ones done in worlds that my incredibly creative husband has created completely from scratch. All you really need to enter the fantastic world of rpgs is a group, some D&D dice, and your imagination.Go on an adventure, readers!I’m curious: how many of you play D&D? How many of you are interested but unsure where to start?

10 thoughts on “Dungeons, and Dragons, and Books- Oh, My!

    1. I’ve started, but haven’t finished. Things were a little frenetic around here, but are finally slowing down.

      That will be fun! We took my oldest to pick out his own set of dice a few years ago and we were so excited. Ha ha! Have fun!


  1. I’ve never played. Do you remember when we started creating character sheets one weekend while I was home from college?

    I think you make an interesting point: people find these games nerdy, and yet, the topic is becoming more mainstream, especially through shows like Stranger Things.

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  2. My husband is a HUGE rpg fan, he bought Mark’s book because of that lol. I have a lot of fun with RPGs too but get lost in the game mechanics a lot. We played Masks at Balticon though, which was really fun and runs on a different system so there are a lot less game mechanics and much more creative storytelling. RPGs for everyone!

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