The First of Shadows (Book 1 of the Riven Realm) by Deck Matthews

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                                  How do you kill a shadow? 

As a raging storm descends on the Blasted Coast, the crippled young rigger, Caleb Rusk, meets a stranger on the road. Little does he know that the encounter will pull him into a conflict that threatens everything he holds dear—and change the course of his life forever.

Meanwhile, in the Capital of Taralius, a string of inexplicable deaths have captured the attention of the Ember Throne. Second Corporal Avendor Tarcoth is tasked with uncovering the truth behind a danger that could threaten the very fabric of the Realm. (taken from Amazon)

                           This was a good doorway into a new fantasy adventure. Caleb was a perfect main character: he wasn’t super strong or fast. He was just in the wrong place at the right time (the right place at the wrong time?). He found himself in the middle of an adventure that is bigger than anything he could have imagined.

The way that magic worked in this world was really cool. Caleb himself had a totem- a brand that can be called on to form an animal companion. Caleb’s is an owl, and he was able to  communicate with it verbally, which seems to be uncommon. There is also Old Magic, which isn’t common knowledge.

There are a few other interesting characters: a drifter (think Strider from Lord of the Rings, but unique); a drunkard with a huge freaking hammer that he’s incredibly comfortable using, and a couple others that I won’t mention in the interest of letting things be revealed as they should be in the book. I personally enjoyed Tanner the drunkard and Caleb the most as characters. I’m really curious what Caleb’s character growth is going to look like. It has a lot of potential.

This novella was the perfect length to whet my appetite for the series. I’ll definitely be reading the rest of it, and I’m planning on reading the author’s other works as well. Keep an eye on this author, fantasy lovers: you’ll be seeing him on bestsellers lists soon!

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