Welcome, 2020

So, here’s my New Year’s post. I bet you’re expecting a by-the-numbers post about how many books I read, and what genres I gravitated to in 2019. If that’s what you thought you were getting here- fooled you! I’m not huge on New Year’s resolutions, mainly because I know that my follow-through won’t magically get better if I start on a specific day, so instead I’m going to take some time to talk about all the awesome bookish things that happened in 2019. Still here? Yay!

I celebrated my one-year blogging anniversary this year. I’m incredibly excited to report that my husband’s suggestion that I start a bookblog was absolute genius. I love it! I’d forgotten how much I love to write. Plus, there’s the added bonus of getting to talk about books with other book lovers. I’ve made it a habit to write three posts a week, although sometimes I manage more. It’s a fun, calming activity for me. I’ve even enlisted my oldest son to be interviewed from time to time, since he’s a huge reader. It’s a lot of fun.

I’ve learned of so many wonderful books that I wouldn’t have known a thing about, if not for bookblogging. I’ve been extremely fortunate in that, for some reason, authors and publishers have allowed me to read and review ARCS. It’s not a privilege I take lightly. It means so much to have my opinions heard and valued. And let me tell you– there are some ridiculously talented writers that everyone and their brother needs to read.

Plus, there are the fantastic blogs that I follow, each with a unique style. I have so many books on my “to be read” list, and it grows daily. It’s a lovely, daunting feeling. These bookbloggers are amazing writers, and are essential in the reading world.

Speaking of bookbloggers, I can’t begin to express my love and gratitude for the bookblogging community. I have made some great friends (and yes, online friends are still friends, thank you very much). Beth at beforewegoblog has become a very close friend. You know it’s a good friendship when you can both buddy read and discuss toilet training tips (thanks, Beth!). The irresponsible reader not only has fantastic content, he took the time to let me know about a book blog tour that I wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. Offthetbr, thetattooedbookgeek, waytoofantasy and paulspicks have all taken the time to answer my questions, share my posts, and constantly encourage. I could go on, but I’ll probably end up tagging as many people as possible in a very mushy Twitter post.

So, what’s upcoming for me in 2020 (I’m sure you’re waiting with bated breath)? Well- more reading, of course. More book reviews, more book blog tours, and hopefully some more buddy reads. Also, I somehow finagled my way onto the judging panel for BBNYA (Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Awards). Stay tuned for details on that. It’s going to be epic.

So, THANK YOU to all of you amazing people who made my first year of book blogging so stinking wonderful. Happy New Year!

13 thoughts on “Welcome, 2020

  1. Thank you!! And seriously, it’s great having you as part of this little community. I hope the next year is even more rewarding for you.

    Btw I don’t think I’m doing a goals post this year either. I never do resolutions and I never stick to the goals anyway.

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  2. Hanging out with you definitely rekindled a love of reading I thought deceased and opened my eyes to new (and often living) authors. ❤ Still quite hard to be patient for additional books in a series to come to print. I'm slow to the blogging thing, but I think it a challenge to comment on books I like without dropping spoilers so I commend you on the way you write your reviews.

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