Windward by S. Kaeth

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When dragons fight, mountains weep. In nests high in the mountains, dragons and dragonbonded share their lives, thoughts, feelings, and ambitions.Palon and her partner, the dragon Windward, are renowned among their nest for their flying skill. Their days are filled with everything she loves, especially riding the wind. Even being tasked with teaching their way of life to Tebah, a rebellious newly bonded teenager, can’t bring her down too much.But when treasures from the dragons’ hoards are found in Palon’s collection, her idyllic life comes crashing down. She battles to prove her innocence, while her every move is cast as further evidence against her. Tebah’s suspicion, homesickness, and defiance would be frustrating even in easy times. With Palon in the spotlight while her rivals smear her name at every turn and stir up plots of revenge, her teenage charge’s behavior proves dangerous.Dragon tempers shorten, and challenges and disputes shake the ground. Palon will have to trust more than just herself if she hopes to once more own the sky. (taken from Amazon)

Thank you to the author for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion. This book is available for purchase now.

Dragons!!!! Books are always better with dragons, in my opinion, and I absolutely loved how they were portrayed in this book. They didn’t take a back seat to the human characters; instead adding an extra layer of awesome. They were very tribal, and had a fully developed hierarchy, which was incredibly creative.

Another win for me with this book is how, instead of the dragons taking on human characteristics, their bonded humans instead became distinctly draconic. The humans each had their own hoards that they were very protective of, and they showed anger and submission just like their draconish counterparts.

The story-line was interesting, the main characters being Palon and her bondmate, the dragon Windward. Palon was impulsive and emotional, which made for an interesting read. She is accused of stealing from dragons in order to grow her own cache of treasures, and she needs to figure out who is framing her- and why. At the same time, she is tasked with training a new dragon-bonded pair.

The dragon Silver Spine, and the new bondmate were my favorite characters. They often gave a bit of a break from focusing just on Palon, just when she was in danger of becoming obnoxious. The differences in their personalities played off each other quite well.

If you like your fantasies distinctly draconic, read this book. It’s a fast read, and highly enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Windward by S. Kaeth

  1. Hallo, Hallo –

    I remember seeing this featured recently when we all chipped in to help highlight #dragonfiction – I never had the chance to read more about this entry (or the larger list and 2x posts!) as I was struck down with a bad cold virus for nearly the last fortnight of February! 😦 How I managed to hit my blog’s deadlines this month is a wonderment of itself – the final two showcases – for Edale Lane (review, vlog interview) and Heather Rose Jones (in-depth interview of her HistFantasy series) is what gave me a burst of joy at the end of a long, trying month of trying to reclaim my wellness. I barely read anything as a result – whilst I had to stop visiting with everyone as I had zero stamina, a heap of fatigue and even sore ears! Imagine?! No audiobooks either. *le sigh*

    Back to the book of the hour – was Palon’s character a bit too self centric? It sounded like perhaps the singular focus on her own strife and the conspiracy surrounding her entrapment might have been too leant on one perspective of the narrative vs having a fuller balance of all the characters – human or dragon alike? Or maybe I misread your review on that note.

    I did find it interesting how the dragons & humans are bonded – in such a way as they transfer attributes to each other; if the humans become akin to dragonkind, did the dragons start to take-on humanistic characteristics as well or was it only a one-way transfer?

    An interesting read for sure – thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    PS: You know the Fantasy trilogy you rec’d me to read? The book boomeranged back to the library unread – lost all 14x days with it when I was down with the cold. Hoping when it comes back the timing will be better and I’ll update you on my reading progress at that point.

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    1. Oh, wow- I hope you’re on the mend!

      Palon could have been too much, but the other characters were used in a way that broke that up before it became a problem. It was very well done.

      I noticed that the humans took on more draconic attributes than vice versa.

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