How to Start a Book Club in the Workplace

                                           As “stay-at-home orders” expire, and people slowly start working outside the home again, I figure this would be an excellent time to talk about book clubs. Quill has some fantastic advice on how to start a successful book club at work. So, without further ado:

All of us turn to different hobbies at different times in our lives. But there’s one hobby that many of us share, no matter if you’re into Zumba or if you’re digging into ultramarathons, and that’s reading. Reading starts with us being read to — sometimes even before we can talk — and continues for a lot of us throughout our lives. We often turn to all sorts of different types of reading, be it fiction or non fiction or history or memoir. And one of the great ways to share love of reading and to expose oneself to new types of reading is to start a book club at work.
    Before you begin, send out a survey or ask around to make sure that enough people are interested, and think about how you can create a schedule that’s respectful of work life and the need to balance while also being regular enough that you can carry conversations about the book without people forgetting. Here are more steps to get started.How to start a book club at work
How to start a book club at workInfographic by Quill


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