The Singing Gold by T.K.P. Sternberg

A simple shepherd who can see all things invisible, a dwarf who risks his honour to strike the deal of his lifetime, and a clandestine necromancer who manages to do good despite his worst intentions. This unusual fantasy epic shows how petty shortcomings like jealousy, suspicion and greed can throw up challenges equally dangerous as revealed destiny or the unfolding of evil plans. Set in the deep forests of medieval Svitjod, at the shift between the worship of the Old Gods and the coming of Christianity, it stands firmly rooted in the mud and dirt of everyday life while revealing a fantastical world of trolls, alfs and magic.
(taken from Amazon)

What happens when you take very real characters who have very normal concerns and struggles and put them in a medieval-esque world? You get the creative and interesting book, The Singing Gold.

There are several unique things about this book. First, it follows a family that is struggling financially as it tries to make ends meet. There is a realism to this that made me immediately like these characters. I wanted them to succeed. The main character, Stig, is doing all he can to take care of his family. When he gets offered a well-paying opportunity, he takes it. Unfortunately, it ends up being far from the simple job Stig was hoping for.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you felt that anything that could go wrong, would? That’s this family’s entire existence. I found myself holding my breath, hoping that at least one character would catch a break. Yeah…don’t do what I did. You will pass out from lack of breath.

Where this book really shines is in the world building. Author T.K.P. Sternberg obviously put a huge amount of time fashioning his setting into something three-dimensional and believable. While the characters are all enjoyable, it’s the world that really drew me in.

This is a slower moving book. If you are looking for a quick read, or an action-packed adventure, this is not the fantasy for you. However, if you’d like a character-driven book with an unconventional mix of the the day-to-day and the fantastical, give this book a go.

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