Loners by D.B. Bray and Wahida Clark

Jari Rockjaw just wants a quiet life and a homestead to call his own. He has been a bounty hunter in Labrys for over one hundred years. And it’s getting old. Battle after battle, allies lost and gained, he now wants to smoke his pipe in the solitude far from the human cities he despises. An option to do so comes his way when the king of Ekepia asks for a favor. Jari is tasked with destroying the most evil dwarf ever to walk the world!

With Jari’s best mates at his side, they team up for one last mission . . . a mission that will be nearly impossible to pull off. But just like everything else in life….if the juice is worth the squeeze, YOU take the risk. The only question, Jari must ask himself is . . . Is retirement really worth dying for? (taken from Amazon)

Thank you to the authors for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Loners is available for purchase now.

This book was so much fun! A rollicking adventure full of humor and heart, I had a blast reading the adventures (or misadventures?) of Jari and co. Loners follows a band of bounty hunters who have the audacity to want to retire. After all, they’ve been at the job for a while: over one hundred years, in fact. Jari and his violent band are given the opportunity to lay down arms and just relax- if they can track down and kill the evilest of evil dwarfs. Of course, they’ll need to survive in order to retire. Therein lies the rub.

There are a few characters that make Loners the highly enjoyable event that it is. There’s Jari, of course, the leader of the ragtag crew. Then there’s Toli Hookhand, another dwarf and the element of humor. And Bertha, a minotaur with some battle scars and a past that she really doesn’t like to talk about. While all of the characters added to the story, Bertha was my favorite. Her gruff exterior, and the way she interacted with everyone else, endeared me to her from the get-go.

It bears mentioning that this is one of two books I can think of that feature dwarfs in main character roles. I have a soft spot for fantasy dwarfs, so this made me extremely happy. They weren’t your usual fantasy dwarfs, however. The authors put their own unique spin on things and added a level of creativity that was a ton of fun to read.

The book was well written and fast moving. There wasn’t a ton of setup-but it wasn’t needed. Everything made perfect sense and things were explained as the story progressed. Loners is high on action, but also has an interesting plot and great characters. Basically, it’s the whole package. I recommend Loners to fans of rpgs, in particular, as it has that Dungeons and Dragons feel to it.

Where to purchase Loners:
Bookshop.org (I’d get a small kickback)


5 thoughts on “Loners by D.B. Bray and Wahida Clark

  1. Your description of the book actually reminded me of the Hobbit haha, because a lot of the characters in that book were also about a group of dwarves going on an adventure. I loved the Hobbit so much, have you read it before? I think I’d actually like Loners as well since I liked the Hobbit, so thanks for this post! It was lovely :))

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