The Tropening: Book Tropes that I love (or hate)

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“Colloquially, people use the term trope to mean recognizable elements of storytelling that audiences associate with specific genres. Like clichés, tropes act as storytelling shorthand and can apply to both plot lines and character types.“-

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things I love (or hate) to see in books. There are clichés that I see as overdone and lacking, but there are also some that I’d love to see more of. I’m kind of changeable that way. It’s always just a matter of preference, of course, but here are some that I love and some that I’m sick to death of. That being said, there are exceptions to all of these for me. As long as the trope is well written, I’m flexible.

“I’m immortal!“- Authors spend a ton of time on their characters, so of course it’s hard to say goodbye. However, when a character is…

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12 thoughts on “The Tropening: Book Tropes that I love (or hate)

  1. I’ve decided that I hate the “My Daddy was hero who died saving somebody else before I was born, so I have a great Daddy of whom I’m very proud” thing. Not sure if it’s a trope, but I can tell you, I hate it. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll hate every novel that does it, if something else is good enough, but I do hate it.

    A lot of what you describe you love and hate makes sense to me. I like to know – and share – a bit of information, but in a natural way that fits the story and the experiences of the character. Too much at once gets boring; it’s not relevant, it’s not personal. I’m usually not that into romance, period. Your comments about “I’m Immortal” make a lot of sense and feel right, and “One Person against the world” is just dumb, but if the person gets friends, well, it’s not one person anymore? I’m mostly repeating you. I really like dragons. They usually grab my attention, but I want them not to be villains – a dragon villain is okay, but there better be good dragons, too.

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    1. The funny thing about tropes for me is that there are absolutely no absolutes. Anything that I find irritating can end up being great if done right. The only trope that I will never, ever be okay with is one that stigmatizes mental illness.

      If you want a series with good dragons (and villainous ones), check out Dragonlance.

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      1. Well, I guess maybe I will see the one about “My Daddy’s a dead hero and I’m proud of him” done well for day, but at the moment, for all that some people get on authors’ cases for saying “I can’t imagine” about anything, at the moment I can’t imagine what it would be like. But there’s a first time for everything. And I have read some really good romance! It was a strange experience of “Oh, I didn’t know I could enjoy romance.” It wasn’t a romance novel, though – high fantasy with a romantic sideplot that was pretty major (in my opinion).

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