And Now This

A while back, I thought it might be cool to do a week of reviews, cover reveals, and book spotlights focused solely on self-published authors. I shared this little idea with some others, and Self-Published Authors Appreciation Week was born. So many people joined in and made it amazing! I tried to gather (hopefully all of) the posts in one place, which you can find here: Self-published Authors Appreciation Week. The fun isn’t over, though. Let’s talk about Indie August!

I am not the originator or organizer of Indie August. That credit goes to the fantastic Literature & Lofi. While Self-Published Authors Appreciation Week focused the spotlight on self-published authors, Indie August includes indie and small press as well. It also runs for the entirety of August!

How can you participate in Indie August?

1. Whenever you write a blog post/review/cover reveal etc. about an indie or self-published book, use the hashtag #IndieAugust.

2. Buy indie books!

3. Practice safe social distancing: yell loudly from your window at random passersby, sharing (or bombarding them with) the love of great indie books.

I can’t wait to read all the fantastic posts that will be coming out during Indie August.

9 thoughts on “And Now This

    1. It seems like every other month is “Self-Published Fantasy Month” or “Read an Indie Book Month” or “Indie Month.” Personally, I find all the designations of months (over many designations overlapping on a single month) very confusing.


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