Amazing Female Authors in Fantasy and Science Fiction

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I like lists, so I wrote a (far from complete) list of amazing sff female authors. I don’t read as much science fiction as I like, so I went to an expert: Beth at Before We Go Blog. She reviews the coolest books, and interviews amazing authors! Check her blog out. Here are some fabulous writers to read, with titles of some of their work next to their names:
Author: NotableWorks:

*Katherine Arden- The Bear and the Nightingale

*Margaret Atwood- The Handmaid’s Tale; Angel Catbird (graphic novel)

*Holly Black- The Cruel Prince, The Spiderwick Chronicles (coauthor)

*Kendare Blake -Three Dark Crowns (series), Anna Dressed in Blood

*Anne Bishop- Daughter of the Blood

*Kristen Britain- Green Rider

*Emma Bull- War for the Oaks The Princess and the Lord of Night

*Octavia Butler- Parable of the Sower Dawn

*Jacqueline Carey- Kushiel’s Dart Starless

*Beth Cartwright- Feathertide

*Becky Chambers -The Long…

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6 thoughts on “Amazing Female Authors in Fantasy and Science Fiction

  1. A great list! I’ve really enjoyed stories by Margaret Atwood, Ursula Le Guin, and Octavia Butler. I would suggest adding Charlie Jane Anders to the list. Her book “All the Birds in the Sky” wowed me. I’ll have to keep your list for recommendations for future books 🌞

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  2. As a writer myself who happens to be female, I have to point out that creating gender-exclusive lists is condescending and puts unnecessary attention on an intrinsic trait.
    I’m assuming you’re probably a woman too (most book bloggers are) and you obviously feel differently. But take a second to consider: plenty of people just want to be writers, not woman writers, gay writers, black writers etc. Lots of people don’t want a weird praising of intrinsic traits or to be placed in their own category.


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