Wrath of the Fury Blade by Geoff and Coy Kissee

The brutal murder of Lavalé fey Avecath, the King’s First Magistrate and advisor, interrupts Constable Inspector Reva Lunaria’s day off. The victim’s status makes this a high-profile investigation, bringing with it unwanted attention from Senior Inquisitor Ailan Malvaceä of the Sucra, the King’s secret police. The manner of the victim’s death makes this case even more intriguing. A body cut perfectly in half – from top to bottom – is a rare occurrence, even in a city filled with all manner of magic weapons. All of this would be challenging enough, but Inspector Lunaria must also deal with a new partner, Seeker Ansee Carya, who is clearly not up to her standards.

As Reva faces a growing body count, Senior Inquisitor Malvaceä undertakes his own mission to find the same killer, but with a very different agenda. Reva’s investigation takes unexpected turns as wild conspiracies, hidden addictions, and Dark Elf soldiers all threaten to distract Reva from tracking down the killer. Reva’s only hope of stopping the serial killer from cutting more prominent citizens of Tenyl in half is to figure out how to work with Seeker Carya and overcome her own weaknesses. (taken from Amazon)

Thank you to the authors for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Wrath of the Fury Blade is available for purchase now.

Wrath of the Fury Blade is a fabulous mash-up of fantasy and police procedural. It’s a surprising combination, but it works extremely well, due in large part to the skillful writing of authors Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee.

This book follows Inspector Reva Lunaria. Poor Reva just wants to have a day off. Unfortunately, that is not to be as she is given a new case- that of solving the murder of the First Magistrate, an important figure. Not only that, Reva is given a new partner: Seeker Ansee Carya. More murders of important figures quickly follow, and the book become a race against time.

While the procedural part is engaging, the fantasy lover in me was thrilled by the world-building found within these pages. The detail that is put into everything, from the history of the world to its realistic portrayal of racism and classism, is astounding. It was easy to slip into the storyline of a world so rich in detail and so well thought out.

The characters were interesting, and seeing their relationship develop and grow was a ton of fun. They played off each other well, each enabling the character development in the other. I enjoyed Reva in particular, even though (maybe because?) she came across as prickly sometimes.

Wrath of the Fury Blade is a great example of how broad the fantasy genre can be, with the procedural aspect of it taking the book in new and unique directions. It’s a fast and entertaining read and I highly recommend it.

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