Murder and Quality Time: I’m doing a Reading Challenge!

I never do reading challenges. I have an unfortunate tendency to take on more than I can handle and end up stressing out about it as it is. I’ve been fortunate over the last two years to participate in both BBNYA (Book Blogger’s Novel of the Year Award) and SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off), which are both huge commitments. As a result, I haven’t joined any reading challenges. But that’s about to change!

My oldest, who is not a teenager, has recently discovered Agatha Christie. We’ll be participating in Read Christie 2023 together, and I am so excited to have this opportunity to enjoy and discuss these books together! As much as I enjoy Agatha Christie, there are several books that I haven’t yet read so it will be fun to see which of us is the better sleuth and can solve the mystery before the end of the book.

The year-long focus of Read Christie 2023 is “methods and motive”. Each month has a theme that is vague enough to not give spoilers. January’s theme is jealousy. There are several books to choose from for this theme and my son and I have picked The Murder on the Links. There will be a discussion at the end of the month plus audio clips, facts, etc. The homeschool mom in me is so happy about this! Each book is marked off on a postcard that can be printed from the Agatha Christie website.

Is anyone else joining in? There is still time if this sounds like something you’d enjoy. You can find the information as well as links to the postcard at this link: Read Christie 2023. If you have read any Agatha Christie books, which is your favorite? I’m partial to And Then There Were None, but I can’t wait to find new favorites.

Happy reading!


14 thoughts on “Murder and Quality Time: I’m doing a Reading Challenge!

      1. I saw something recently where it was said that the aubergine/zucchini was a popular emoji and I’m absolutely fascinated about how you would use it or in what context? Very puzzling 🧐

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      2. Ha ha! It’s in my history because there’s a hockey player on the team I follow whose name is Cale. This is the closest emoji I can find to Kale. I’m guessing that isn’t how it’s meant to be used, though. 🤷‍♀️

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  1. Hope you have fun with this.
    Christie is quite a recent discovery for me and I’m hoping to read more of her books this year. Last year I read Death on the Nile and really enjoyed that one. Also enjoyed Murder on the Orient Express and And Then There Were None.


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