A Necromancer Called Gam Gam by Adam Holcombe

A grandmotherly necromancer seeking resolution for her past with the help of her loyal entourage: an undead cat and a spectral knight.

A girl on the run from the Eternal Empire for the mysterious power she possesses.

When a chance encounter pulls them together, Gam Gam will do what it takes to protect Mina from the rogue sergeant hounding her–including raising the dead. As long as they’re dressed for the occasion.

Thank you to the author for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion. A Necromancer Called Gam Gam will be available on May 30th.

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a favorite necromancer character. It’s not like necromancers are dead to me or anything (I’ll stop with the ill-advised jokes from here on out), I’ve just never felt strongly about one before. That has changed with A Necromancer Called Gam Gam. I now have a favorite necromancer. A necromancer who not only raises the dead but makes sure they’re bundled up in the warmest of knitted goods can’t help but endear herself to me.

This novella starts with a desperate race through the woods. Mina, a twelve-year-old girl, finds herself being pursued by a sergeant and his men. She has an ability that he wants-I’ll leave it to the reader to discover what it is. When Mina stumbles across Gam Gam’s camping spot, we are introduced to an indomitable grandmotherly type. The sergeant gets more than he bargained for in Gam Gam and Mina.

A Necromancer Called Gam Gam is fabulous. The characters are all wonderful, well-written, and utterly unique. Mina is the anchor of the story, driving the emotion and plot forward. She develops quickly, a nuanced character experiencing loss and uncertainty, flavored by strong feelings of guilt. Through her eyes, the reader will experience a journey from regret and grief to sorrow tempered by gratitude and peace.

Gam Gam is flat-out fantastic! Yes, she raises the dead and her carriage is pulled by a pair of very dead horses, but she also bakes delicious cookies and knits colorful scarves and hats for each shambling corpse (even though they really don’t need them). It almost made me want to attempt knitting again, despite my disastrous last attempt. She could have become a caricature, underdeveloped and there solely for smiles. However, she is so much more. Her story arc is touching and elevates this novella from good to great.

Add in some memorable side characters, including an undead cat named Nugget, and you’ve got a wildly entertaining tale. The ending was perfect, satisfying, and a bit of a tear-jerker. I’m looking forward to reading more from author Adam Holcombe.

A Necromancer Called Gam Gam will take you a short amount of time to read, but it’ll stay with you for much longer. This isn’t one to miss.


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