Cover Reveal: The Hummingbird’s Tear by CM Kerley

A while ago, I was excited to discover a new series, one which drew me in from page one. The Barclan series is epic fantasy in every sense of the word with a story that builds, a world that is immersive (and huge!), and characters that are both flawed and utterly fascinating.

Well, book one, The Hummingbird’s Tear, has gotten a makeover and the new cover is amazing! I thought I’d show it off, and encourage everyone to pick up this fantastic book. It’s perfect for fans of books featuring magic and monsters, meddling gods, prophecies that may or may not be realized, action aplenty, political maneuverings, and characters to become easily invested in.

That’s a lot for a cover to convey.

However, artist Danielle Jones manages it beautifully. Check it out!

Book Blurb:

“There once was a time when the world did not exist”.

The Four Gods of All, in contests of ageless vanity, brought the world into existence with song; their voices manifest as powers that shaped seas, lands, light, and life. And like the echo of a song heard on the edges of a storm, some of their power was left behind, seeping into the men and women shaped, and abandoned, by their creators.

In the high towers of Castle Kraner, the King has chosen to hide away, leaving the kingdom undefended, open to attack from men, monsters, and magic users. Watching the slow destruction of his kingdom from a court riddled with traitors, Prince Orren, despairing of his father’s wilful ignorance, must gather the men and women he believes will help him avert the war before it starts, to save his land before it needs saving. (Taken from Amazon)

Purchase links:

The Hummingbird’s Tear

The Giant’s Echo

The Hunchback’s Sigh


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