Review Requests and Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in my blog! I am not accepting review requests at this time as I have many books I’ve committed to reading and reviewing. I will update this page when I am open for requests again, so please check back.

I will accept review requests from:


If you send a request, please include information about the book. Also appreciated are any links to publishing or author websites that can give me extra information regarding the author’s work. I also prefer to avoid books with graphic rape scenes or child abuse. Please take that into consideration when requesting.

What I read:

I’m a pretty diverse reader, but I do lean toward fantasy. I will read any genre, with the following exceptions:
– Romance
-Christian Fiction
-Incredibly ‘harsh’ books (see above about my policy regarding sexual assault, and/or abuse)

What You Can Expect:

– I will post a review on my blog, whether it’s positive or negative. I also share my reviews on Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram.

– I will be respectful of the author.

– I will give a basic time frame for when I will read your book, and have it reviewed. If for whatever reason, something happens that causes a setback (family emergency, etc), I will contact you and keep you abreast of any time-frame changes.

-I do reserve the right to not finish a book but will email with a reason if that happens.


-I prefer hard copies of books to read and review. I do, however, understand that printing and mailing costs can cause difficulties, especially for those who have self-published, so I’ll also accept books that are downloadable to my Kindle.

– I do not listen to audiobooks

If you would like to request a review, connect with me, or if have questions you can contact me in these ways:


– Twitter at @WS_BOOKCLUB